Bandsaw Blade Transport Wheels

Bandsaw Blade Transport WheelsThe main reason Falberg Saws have no vibration is that the wheels are now machined from solid 6061 aluminum 10" round stock.  For years we tried to balance the cast aluminum wheels but the best we could achieve was "reduced" vibration because even though they were machined round and centered, the casting thickness wasn't consistent.  It was sheer luck that our new machinist had a piece of 10" round and a machine to economically produce them.  The difference is absolutely amazing!

At first, prototype Falbergs were equipped with Delta 8" pot-metal wheels with bronze bearings and only cost $30, including tires; but Delta discontinued them soon after and we had to start making our own.

There's a long story about the design characteristics we needed that ended with my machinist friend going directly to the casting foundry and collaborating with them to produce the most eficient aluminum mold model to start with, and then he built a special jig to center the hubs and get a perfect 5" radius across the circumference AFTER the tires were stretched. 

Careful analysis of our tracking problems revealed the importance of keeping the crown radius exactly equal to the wheel's radius.; and you'll find it very difficult to push or pull the blade off of a Falberg saw.  That's no accident.

See the videos here on our website that show our Falberg band saws tenaciously tracking with the blade a full 1.5" in front of the blade guides while backing out of a 17" Doug Fir cut.  Mechanical efficiency starts with reducing friction and we're not happy if we can't hand-turn the whole drive system with a single flick of our pinky finger or turn it backwards and keep it tracking on crown centers. 

That's performance.