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Radius plug demo, plug cut 1x16 - on YouTube - prequel, narrative
You can hear the blade guides squealing and the wood ripping. The trick was to keep the blade in the guides without going forward; it’s a slow, steady, twist: letting the set angle turn the blade into a .5” radius. How many woodworkers can turn .5” radius with a .5” blade?
A demonstration of band saw blades with high set angles both ripping and turning.

Cutting Corbels with a Portable Band Saw - on YouTube
The crew at Davis Hawn Lumber in Dallas show off their saw for a crowd of their customers. The second operator was only there for security

From Titan to Corbel King - on YouTube
A step-by-step tutorial showing how to convert the Titan portable band saw into a Corbel King vertical resaw

Corbel King blade change - on YouTube
With the one-piece front cover off, the only difference in blade changes is the table corner and crack supports; so now there’s four knobs to turn. Crack support was simplified 5 years ago. Blade change is still pretty fast.

Bebop Rafter Tail - on YouTube
Sixteen year old son shows off advanced carving technique with right angles, radius, and detail. Note how the blade gets an inch in front of the guide without coming off; that’s tracking tenacity.

Resaw Bandsaw Mesquite

Resaw Timber Arches - on YouTube
New customer makes his first cut, an arch, flawlessly; gaining speed and confidence by the inch.

Ripping Timber Free-handed - on YouTube
Truing this mesquite log without blade guides shows how properly tensioned blades on properly crowned wheels are hard to deviate and how much resistance they offer against the force of feeding wood into a cut. Even thrust support bearings are optional if you let the blade do the cutting.

Precision-built aluminum Band Saws
Intricate Details on BIG Timbers

With all the experience gained from designing and redesigning band saws to serve a variety of functions, we are now in a unique position to design and build band saws for more than just timber framing or millwork. With another blade, Falberg saws can be configured to cut metal or whatever else you might have. If our stock timber saws aren't what you were looking for, please ask what we can do to satisfy your unique application. We love those kinds of challenges because every time we do a custom band saw, we learn new tricks that apply to all our saws.

Check out our Custom Saws and Industrial Applications page for a sample.