The Corbel King - three-wheeled portable timber bandsaw AND a floor standing vertical industrial band saw

Big Corbel cut with Corbel King portable floor standing vertical timber bandsawWith a Corbel King you always have the option of bringing the saw to the work piece or the wood to the saw, whichever is easiest to carry;  and when the Corbel King table is not in use, it collects all the tools you're too busy to put away but don't want to leave on the ground.

Big Corbel cut with Corbel King portable floor-standing vertical timber bandsaw
Sculpted capitals like this require a lot of throat width to do a 180 turn on the other side of your work piece without bumping into the saw's frame post.  That's why you need a table at least 36" wide to do this kind of work.

Corbel King - three-wheeled portable bandsaw - two tools in one - quick change to stationary floor standing vertical bandsaw with an 18" throat for industrial timber workers and craftsmen

support bar on the Corbel King - three-wheeled portable bandsaw AND floor standing table industrial band saw

In front of the saw's front cover (above) there is a vertical 3/8" threaded rod, pre-set to level the tabletop with the other three legs.  Loosening them with two black knobs and dropping the unpainted crack support bar (left) by unscrewing the third black knob allows blades to slip in and out for changing.

Corbel King Details

"The Corbel King" - three-wheeled portable bandsaw converts into stationary table floor standing vertical bandsaw with an 18" throatJust as floor standing vertical band saw owners wish they could turn their saw upside-down to use as a portable band saw, portable band saw owners sometimes wish they could turn their portable band saw upside down and use it as a stationary vertical band saw. It works both ways. The Falberg Corbel King convertible band saw does exactly that; and in a matter of minutes, as you can see in the (Convertability) video by my eldest son Zubin.

When you see how quick and easy it is to convert a portable band saw into a stationary resaw you'll wonder why it's never been done before. We had to totally re-think the idea of band saw tables in order to do it but we kept our focus on the blade transport system and built a support system around it that allowed for quick blade changes, as you'll see in the (Chango) "Corbel King Blade Change" video.

All we had to do after that was provide the attachment points and interface brackets to secure one to the other with those marvelous little soft touch knobs that tighten things down so hard so fast and don't require a wrench. The best thing we did was abandon the idea of trying to use it as a bevel saw. We built a bevel saw once and it is an entirely different species of band saw with an extraordinarily weak tilting mechanism that can only accommodate small platens.

Such delicate mechanisms couldn't survive the heavy timber loads our saws were meant to work with. Once you break those castings , the saw is dead and expensive to repair. By supporting the table at four corners we were able to use aluminum plate and stretch the work surface out to 36” x 36” instead of the measly 12” x 16” or 18” x20”  and load a full-blown log on a carriage to do some serious milling in an emergency. Not to say the Corbel King serves as a sawmill in any sense; it is, after all, only a portable with a fractional HP motor; but if you had to, and precision was of critical importance, you could turn any log into a usable board or veneer.

In one of our experiments with wide-veneer-cutting fences, we discovered that if you use the fence's frame to support the upper arm of the saw's frame you could apply a lot more tension to the blade. Depending on how such a cutting solution might work for you, a Corbel King could be customized to resaw 16” wide Douglas Fir veneers .0625” thick consistently all day. Ask about our custom fence systems options.

In most cases any straight edge clamped squarely to the Corbel King table will serve to true a timber or resaw 16” wide, thin boards.

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