two-wheeled portable bandsaw - The Elf by Falberg Saws "The Elf" - Portable 2-wheel industrial bandsaw

1/2 HP
120/240 V
TEFC 1725 rpm
4514 SFPM
max cut depth 12.5"
throat width 8.5"
blade length 81"
weight 50 lbs.
platen dia. 11"


two-wheeled portable bandsaw - The Elf by Falberg Saws

The Elf model was introduced well after the Titan was developed to offer a quality alternative to the die-cast two wheeled imports.  Those who bought them were happy with the quiet operation, power, and compact maneuverability, but even though the Elf shared Titan's center of gravity below the upper blade guide, Elf couldn't compete with our own Titan for versatility so we kept the jigs and now offer Elf as a custom order.

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