fancy saw cuts replicating Herbert Bayer sculpture called "Totem"Falberg Saw Co. started in 1999 with a commission to replicate a post/sculpture titled "Totem" by Herbert Bayer (shown on left) for which there was no known tool to cut.

For the CUTS You Just CAN'T Make with ANY other SAW

We still don't know how the original "Totem" was crafted, but it seemed to me that a big timber band saw with a huge throat was needed, but not available.  Being a contractor, I knew nothing of tool design, but being American, I was going to try anyhow. 

Long story short:  my first prototype worked so well that another contractor bought it, and another, and another.  The saws evolved since then, as we have.  I'm a grandpa now and am developing a whole new line of floor-standing vertical woodworking resaws to fill the gap between lumber mills and veneer resaws.

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Bill Falberg and his sons in the saw-making shop.

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