Bandsaw Blade Transport Wheels

industrial bandsaw blade transport wheels - on the Titan by Falberg Saw Co.

Bandsaw Blade Transport Wheels

The most critical parts of any band saw are the blade transport wheels.  If they aren't perfectly balanced and true, the saw will vibrate.  If all three are vibrating, the saw will vibrate violently every time the lumps line up.  The imbalance is imperceptible on an individual wheel and very difficult to entirely eliminate. 

We found that wheels milled from 6061 aluminum billet were so perfectly balanced and true that the vibration from all three of them was gone, along with the flappage that causes all the little scars we call "band saw texture". 

So maybe you're smarter to invest in wheels than to spend it on planer blades and wasted hardwood.  One thing for sure; you're going to love the smooth finish on everything you cut.  You won't miss the planing operation between cuts, though!

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