three‐wheeled portable timber bandsaw tension and tracking assembly on the Falberg TitanFrictionless tension and tracking on Falberg bandsaws

If you look closely at the mechanical properties of the modern band saw's tensioning systems, you'll see that the tensioning spring's force isn't aimed directly at the resistance of the band saw's blade, but parallel to it, applying spring force at an angle to the so called "slide".

Disregarding this misalignment turns the "slide" mechanism into something more like a brake with the hard ends of the moving carriage eventually Frictionless Tension and Tracking assembly on this three-wheeled portable band sawdigging notches into the slides to lock the tensioning wheel at one setting, preventing the tension wheel from responding to any variations in tension, which is exactly what a tension spring is supposed to do.

The Falberg Frictionless Tensioner acts like the suspension of a Formula One race car's by absorbing momentary blade deflection at speeds too fast for the human eye to detect.  That's why the wheels on your right are blurred but the blade is not flapping at all.

Yes, you can hear the crickets chirp while you're running a Falberg Saw!

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